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Exploring All About OpenLiteSpeed: Why You Should Buy In

The OpenLiteSpeed Web Server is a hidden treasure. You might be wondering why it isn’t as popular even with all its cool features. Well let’s see if you guessed correctly why it hasn’t as much attention. The time frame of other webservers, especially Apache and Nginx, has given them time to grow on the developer […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Website Speed – Part 2; Speed Is Comfort

We are on track. If you are reading this, then you have followed through from Why Speed Makes a Better Server. We ran the speed train through the basics of the internet till we took the track of a deep dive into the various types of web servers. This track will lead us to an […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Website Speed - Part 1: Why Speed Makes a Better Server

The Backend Analogy Welcome to the Web Express (WebEx). The only ticket to enjoy a ride here, is your imagination! Remember the whole speed train analogy? If you don’t, have no fear; the train hasn’t left the station yet. The speed train is our imaginary ride to show just how much we love speed and […]

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