Exploring All About OpenLiteSpeed: Why You Should Buy In

November 18, 2020

The OpenLiteSpeed Web Server is a hidden treasure. You might be wondering why it isn’t as popular even with all its cool features. Well let’s see if you guessed correctly why it hasn’t as much attention.

The time frame of other webservers, especially Apache and Nginx, has given them time to grow on the developer community. This has in turn has had wide spread effect on the general community as majority of hosting companies today provide services with either Apache or Nginx.

While LiteSpeed Enterprise was already founded since 2003, almost the same year as Nginx, OpenLiteSpeed didn’t show up until 2015. With its initial release, LiteSpeed gained some traction and more still from the WordPress community in 2016 when the LiteSpeed cache plugin was released.

The OpenLiteSpeed came on scene and redefined the whole Enterprise after which over time, LiteSpeed has risen to become the fourth most popular webserver.

OpenLiteSpeed has still however remained in the shadows of Apache and Nginx.

The one issue that time cannot solve is one time created. The presence of both Apache and Nginx over the last ten years has established them as a dominant force in the web server business. Most companies have built their entire base on them and it would be much hassle to switch webservers.

This has aided both popular webservers to maintain a majority of large and popular companies even though other webservers offer highly competitive advantages just as much.

This has left OpenLiteSpeed a little unexplored and has given rise to another problem that stifles it popularity in the developers’ community. With most of the top tier companies already invested in mainstream webservers, a great percentage of companies that offer up OpenLiteSpeed hosting services are medium scale and many have weak customer services.

There is a struggle for good hosting. With a lot issues with pricing and support, companies leave people to manage the server themselves. These weakness have been exploited unintentionally by Apache and Nginx to remain the top dogs.

With a prim knowledge on the hidden riches beneath OpenLiteSpeed, we at Rarefy Hosting have chosen to offer the best service to you and help you exploit all it has to offer.

The advantages to using OpenLiteSpeed is so much that can better your website and your site visitors’ experiences. So, we have chosen to surmount the hurdle of low grade service to bring you the luxury of its features with ease of access and understanding.

The webserver already has great performance by default. With a high time to first byte (TTFB) and an excellent handle on concurrent users, OpenLiteSpeed can help your site handle traffic surges and simultaneously still give great speed. This provides you with a long term opportunity as you do not need to worry about how to scale your server as your business grows and your customers increase.

This way, you can always provide consistent website speed to your visitors and grow with the technology which gives you room to optimize it for your business.

There is also the unique feature of its own Cache Plugin. A cache plugin simply creates a static version of your web page that it displays to your visitors. Visitors see a cached version whenever they return to your site. It is like temporary storage while the web server itself is the permanent or main storage room.

With the cache, LiteSpeed cache, when optimized and well configured, OpenLiteSpeed gives the best results. The caching system helps reduce your site’s memory footprint and CPU usage which in turn reduces your costs over time.

OpenLiteSpeed affords flexibility with its easy configuration. It is a drop in replacement for the Apache server with its ability to read .htaccess files. This offers you easy transition from the Apache webserver to the OpenLiteSpeed server with the unnecessary costs and hardships of reconfiguration.

The opportunity to run your website on a server that requires a little less constant monitoring is priceless. This can be time spent prioritizing other business plans.

All these features are complemented with built-in server security that does not require much configuration. DDOS prevention, WordPress Brute Force Attacks Protection, and reCaptcha protection are some of the few security features woven into the OpenLiteSpeed web server to provide your customers all the security they need while browsing your site. The features this webserver has to offer are great and all but I think the biggest strength is in its weakness. With the OpenLiteSpeed web server still being behind the scenes with features that are more than enough to set your website apart in terms of comfort, style and speed from more than 50% of other website; the question remains, Wouldn’t you rather give your customers the sense of difference and uniqueness by building a community for them around a better and classy webserver?

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